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MSTG welcomes your participation in the Minnesota Sandplay Therapy Group (MSTG). Membership in MSTG demonstrates that you are an active participant in the field of sandplay therapy! MSTG is dedicated to the growth and advancement of sandplay therapy, increasing your knowledge, and providing you with networking opportunities and the professional tools you need. Joining together supports our goals of high quality education and professionalism in the field of sandplay therapy. MSTG welcomes your membership!

We are a non-profit organization that operates as an all-volunteer service organization. We depend on our members to vote and create the Board as well as run the organization within our written and accepted bylaws.

For questions regarding membership, please contact Ellen Dona ( 

Categories and Dues

The term of membership is for a calendar year. Membership expires on December 31st of each year and is renewable January 1st of the following year.

  • Professional/Regular Membership: ($35) Individual mental health professional
  • Associate/Student Membership: ($25) Individual full-time graduate student or non-mental health professional

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  • Program fee discounts, reduced conference registration and other fees
  • Networking with others interested in Sandplay Therapy

Consider Membership to STA

If you haven't yet tried out becoming an Associate member of Sandplay Therapists of America (STA), I would encourage you to consider it!  For $75 (within the US) you get the Journal of Sandplay Therapy, a class act production which can enrich your understanding of what's happening in your clients' sand pictures and lives.  You also get discounts for STA and regional trainings, and the STA Associates news page.  It's a way to be more connected with what's happening on the larger STA stage! 

 Ellen Saul. STA National Representative

“We want to give lots of folks a chance to experience this path in the sand of integration, active imagination and expression of our spirit” – Ellen Saul

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