Welcome to MSTG

Minnesota Sandplay Therapy Group (MSTG) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1988 to provide education and training in Sandplay, as developed by Dora Kalff, in Minnesota and its environs. We are committed to providing high quality, affordable professional education to therapists and others interested in Sandplay. 

“We want to give lots of folks a chance to experience this path in the sand of integration, active imagination and expression of our spirit” – Ellen Saul, MSTG Board Member and Sandplay Therapists of America National Representative.   

 Sandplay therapy is an expressive therapy based on the work of Carl Jung and developed by Dora Kalff. The client uses a sandtray, water, and hundreds of miniature objects to create scenes, designs, and pictures that reflect the conscious and unconscious contents of the psyche. Through the Sandplay process and the relationship with the therapist, the client works through traumatic events and accesses the healing power of the Self. 

2019 MSTG Board of Directors:

  • MSTG President: Nancy Hawkins (minnsandplay@gmail.com)

  • Past President: Lynn Overvoorde

  • President Elect: Vacant

  • Treasurer: Ellen Dona

  • Secretary: Regina Discoll

  • At Large: Ann Gilligan

  • At Large: Justin D. Kruse

  • At Large: Maureen Iqbal

  • At Large: Emily Murphrey

  • At Large: Jacque Wiersma

Committee Chairs/Representatives:

  • Education Committee Chair: Justin D. Kruse (kruse.justin@gmail.com)

  • Mentoring Committee Chair: Justin D. Kruse (kruse.justin@gmail.com)

  • Membership Contact: Ellen Dona (ekdona@comcast.net)

  • MSTG Minute: Justin D. Kruse (kruse.justin@gmail.com)

  • STA National Representative: Ellen Saul

  • STA Regional Representative: Juanita McCabe


Youtube Video: What is Sandplay Therapy? Video credit: Dori Pelz-Sherman, MSTG Member