It is with gratitude that I thank teachers Ellen Saul and Juanita McCabe for their presentation, “Fundamentals of Sandplay Therapy: An Introduction to Kalffian Sandplay Therapy.” On the 27th of February this delighting duo with friendly banter, brilliance and compassion welcomed a group of eight participants to the beginnings of Sandplay. With discussion on the evolution of Kalffian Sandplay Therapy, participants were guided into dialogue interwoven with experiential activity, sensory awareness and rich case examples. While I have attended fundamental Sandplay trainings in the past, I found myself enriched, validated and supported on a deep level. In sitting with a Sandplay case, there was awareness that an arsenal of knowledge was present and that I was privy not only to the participant’s observations and empathic responses but also the underlying insight and thinking employed through a Sandplay lens. I wish to thank Ellen for her devotion and commitment to Sandplay. I admire her vision, humility and courage that materialized the day of the presentation and was compassionately reminded of the invisible string that connects souls seen and unseen. I also would like to thank Juanita for her visionary gifts and bold conviction in her presenting on the history of Kalffian Sandplay Therapy and weaving the strength of connection and healing as seen in her case presentation. Thank you, Ellen and Juanita. With two trainings by this duo scheduled for April 2016, I anticipate continued gifts of knowledge and I look forward to sitting back, opening my mind and absorbing two more wonderful presentations.

Justin D. Kruse
MSTG President

AuthorRegina Driscoll